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We had the most wonderful time.

We had the most wonderful time at the DiddlyDisco launch event. Laura was so lovely and had put so much thought into the event. There were enough toys so that every child could have a good time and the music was amazing! A welcome break from nursery rhymes! My little boy loved it and had such a boogie in a free open space. Thanks so much we will be back!!


We will definitely be attending again.

Diddly disco.. what an amazing idea for little ones.. we love listening to music and dancing at home so why not join others too! Tommy is 18 month and it was lovely for him to be able to run around and just have fun, dance, enjoy the lights and bubbles. We will definitely be attending again, and will recommend to other mums and toddlers his age ♥️ I mean what 18 month old doesn’t want to attend a disco???


The disco lights were an awesome sensory experience. 

We had an amazing time at DiddlyDisco. It was like going to a nightclub but with babies everywhere! It’s a brilliant idea to have dance music the mums and dads will enjoy, as well as the children. The disco lights were an awesome sensory experience, as were the glo sticks and balls. An experience that can be enjoyed by the whole family, young and old. 

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